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Sunday, July 10, 2016

FX Enigma Review - Forex Enigma Will Make You Money

FX Enigma Review - Forex Enigma Will Make You Money! FX Enigma is a software that you can use with the typical Metatrader 4 trading platform you get from any broker. This one is based on the idea that a forex pair will typically move well at the point the MACD indicator crosses the center line (0 line). This is well known to consistently work in backtesting. Karl Dittman's FX Enigma is used for scalping forex with 5 minute or one minute charts. This works. I've used it myself and gotten 6 out of 6 winning trades recently. I use it with Heiken Ashi candlesticks, which you can easily add to your MT4 platform. Just add under "Indicators" then "Custom" the Heiken Ashi selection. Then under "Charts" then "Properties" then "Common" select "Barchart." When the Heiken Ashi candlestick turns color that's a signal. Besides MACD I also use the Money Flow Index indicator, which is very sensitive. You will find you're usually in profit right away on these kind of trades. The FX Enigma will signal you when the MACD moves over the center line. You can almost instantly get into the trade by clicking on "New Trade" then "Buy At Market" or "Sell At Market." I don't use stop losses with this. Then keep in the trade until the latest Heiken Ashi candlestick turns color or the Money Flow Index starts to turn the other way. You will likely find that in a couple of hours of trading that you will have had several trades and most, if not all, will be winners. Forex is nice because it trades 24 hours a day from Sunday afternoon through Friday afternoon, so you can usually find a couple or few hours a day that you could do this that will fit into your schedule. So let's say you do this enough each day so that you earn 40 pips as they are called in forex, which shouldn't be that hard or take that long. Then set up an account at a reputable forex broker. I recommend www.forexoptimum.com. They accept US traders. With this broker when you make a deposit they match that 100%. So even with just $50 of your own money you would have $100 in your account. For each $100 in your account you can trade .1 lot. So here you could be trading .1 lot. When your account builds to $200 or more you can trade .2 lots. $300 or more .3 lots. $1,000 1 lot. $1,300 1.3 lots. $2,000 2 lots and so on. Now each pip of profit will earn you $1 at .1 lots. So you could be earning $40 a day right away with this small investment, and this can grow and grow until your profits are HUUUUGE as Donald Trump would say. So even with as little as an hour or two a day and a very small investment you will have your own trading business that will grow and grow. Most business opportunities on the internet are a lot of bunk. I know because I've tried a lot of them, but this works. $87 one time fee for FX Enigma and you have a solid 56 day money back guarantee if not satisfied. (You will be). Watch the video above if you want and here's the link to order: Click here! No reason to delay. Make reference to this article to help you get started right!

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