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Monday, August 27, 2012

David Roy's Best Penny Alerts Review - Scam?

"Best Penny Alerts is an analytical stock program/stock list. The program finds well performing stock opportunities in the market so that you can invest accordingly after it sends you the pick via your e-mail. After I found out about their 8 week money back guarantee policy, I decided to test it for myself first hand. This is my Best Penny Alerts review." To go directly to the website click on the banner just below this article.

"I'll start this Best Penny Alerts review by saying a bit about how it works. The program finds what it determines to be high probability stock opportunities by detecting tiny overlaps between two or more stocks in their behavior. Stock behavior is very specific and can tell you everything you need to know about what to expect in the short term from a current stock if you find one in the past which trends with similar market conditions."

"This is the same technology used by professional traders day in and day out because of how reliably accurate it is for detecting trends. It is difficult to do this by sight and manually given the staggering breadth and depth of the market, so programs like Best Penny Alerts are immensely helpful in doing this simple in theory task for you."

"As the name suggests, this is a penny stock-based analytical stock picker. In other words, it exclusively targets lower-priced stocks and makes its sole task to anticipate well performing penny stock behavior. This is substantial and worth mentioning in this Best Penny Alerts review for a number of reasons."

"Cheap stocks enable you to realize exponential growths in your stocks in a very short term as it takes very little outside trading influence to directly affect the price of one of these stocks. Plus, when you consider many of the other members of this stock list all investing in the same pick at once, not to mention the outside influence from traders who simply take notice of that stock's quick trending performance, it's quite common to see a cheap stock from this program burst in value in a very short term."

"This is also substantial because the program only targets cheap stocks which gives it a huge leg up over programs which attempt to go for lower-priced and greater price stocks at once. Because it's a different process altogether as I mentioned, typically the programs which go after them both end up lacking in both areas and deliver inaccurate stock picks. Fortunately, the makers behind Best Penny Alerts made cheap stocks their sole focus and this is reflected in solidly performing picks day in and day out."

"Stock programs are coveted by millions of traders around the world as a means of making smart investing decisions in the stock market based on analytically based investing opportunities. They extract and keep emotions from playing a role in your trading and hold your hand so that you know exactly when where and what to invest in, even advising you on details such as setting your stop loss."

"I first became interested in Best Penny Alerts when I learned that it exclusively generated penny stock picks. It doesn't go after the more recognizable stocks and those which go for dollars per share, but instead it sticks to its niche of analyzing low-priced market behavior. The fact that it exclusively puts its attention towards the most volatile investments in the market was a major pro and selling point for me, so after hearing about the 60 day money back guarantee, I decided to try it first hand, so now my complete experiences with and review of Best Penny Alerts."

"The very first pick which I received was initially valued at $.20. This stock tip came in late Sunday evening and I placed an order for 1000 shares of that stock when the market opened the next morning, thus my initial investment was $200. Over the course of that first day in the market that stock appreciated very quickly to $.41 by the time the market closed. At one point I noted that it climbed almost $.10 in less than one hour. I believe one of the best feelings you can experience is being invested in such a volatile stock pick which is rapidly appreciating in value right in front of your eyes."

"The next day that stock continued to outperform expectations as I checked in on it every half hour. It finally leveled out at $.63 a share, just more than tripling in value in that period of time."

"That's not to say that every pick which it generated for me performed so well, but at the time of this review of Best Penny Alerts I have made money on 17/20 of the picks which has generated for me. All in all, Best Penny Alerts is a very attractive program for day traders especially as well as anyone with a little time to devote to investing and on and off being able to check in on your investments. Obviously you don't need a great deal of time given that all of the analytical work is done for you short of the investing itself."

This review is from EzineArticles.com expert author Jonathan Langley. To order Best Penny Alerts visit the site by clicking on the banner below:


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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stripped Down Forex By Amy Adriano Review - Earn $747,781 A Month Average Using A $5,000 Deposit!

Arbitrage is a law in the financial markets that takes advantage of the price differentials between two of the different markets. Suppose you have two different markets - the United States and Europe. Then suppose that gold is selling for $1,340 an ounce in the United States and simultaneously it sells for $1,342 in Europe. If you can buy the gold in the United States for $1,340 an ounce and sell it in Europe simultaneously for $1,342 an ounce you are going to make a certain profit of $2 an ounce that is completely RISK FREE.
Now, in actual life, an arbitrage opportunity is jumped upon by the arbitrageurs right away creating such huge buying and selling in the financial market that this price differential vanishes right away. But if you could spot this financial arbitrage opportunity at just the right time, you could make huge profits in a very short time.
So, by taking advantage of the price differential you can make a killing as long as this differential exists between the two markets. Now, Amy Adriano has done a wonderful thing by developing her Stripped Down Forex Software that takes advantage of the spread differentials between the various forex brokers.
Suppose that one broker is allowing a spread of 3 pips whilst another broker is giving a spread of just 1 pip. By placing a trade with the two financial brokers simultaneously you can guarantee a certain profit with no risk at all. We all know that the various forex brokers offer differing spreads. Especially in the times of high volatility a lot of brokers tend to widen their spreads. So it means the arbitrage opportunities are gigantic in the forex market. Bur only when you know how to take advantage of them and use them.
In the past, it was often time consuming and difficult to find any or all of the arbitrage opportunities that existed between the various forex brokers every day. Not anymore with Amy Adriano's Stripped Down Forex Software. Amy Adriano is using her Stripped Down Forex Software to make about $747,781 a month using only a $5,000 deposit. What this Stripped Down Forex software does is to scan the currency markets and find the brokers that have these spread differentials. Here you don't need to bother with stop loss orders or with a particular trading strategy. Arbitrage will make the two trades RISK FREE and a certain thing. You are guaranteed a profit every time.
Now, Amy Adriano is giving you a 60 days money back guarantee with no questions asked on her Stripped Down Forex Software. What you should do is to download the software, test it for a whole two months (even on paper) and then see how it is working for you. If it's making RISK FREE trades for you, as promised, then keep it. Otherwise simply get a refund. Good Luck!
Mr. Roger Bovee has a Masters from Andersonville Baptist Seminary. Try Amy Adriano's Stripped Down Forex Software RISK FREE for 60 days.

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